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                                      Baseball & Softball Players!  You've just Discovered  the "Proven Baseball & Softball Training System" that will have you going from Ordinary status to ELITE Status within days of using our Revolutionary Training Aid.   Our Training System will literally help you master every skill needed to become a Complete Baseball or Softball Player. If you are Truly Serious about Taking your Game to " Elite Status" Then you can't afford to miss this valuable information below ..."

"Using  Our Baseball and Softball  Training System , you will quickly Raise Your Batting Average, develop   Lighting Fast Bat Speed,  Increase Your Power,  Develop Major League Hitting Mechanics and Defense too! 
All it takes is 30 minutes Day using our New and Improved Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Baseball and Softball Training System.
Plus, you'll learn the secrets to easily correct bad fundamental. No more frustration because you can't solve common problems that arise during the season.  You can correct it  before it ruins your career.  Also learn how to evaluate and correct  your swing in 3 steps. ! --- which means you'll have the knowledge  it takes to  become the star of your team !
Dear Friend,

If you'd like to Improve your batting average, contact, bat speed, power, your  balance at the plate, develop a quick compact powerful swing,  greatly reduce strikeouts, develop fielding skills, soft hands, footwork, body control, agility and range..., then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.
Here's why:
Athlonic Wheeler Dealer is a dynamic and completely revolutionary  Baseball and Softball Personal Training System that combines Soft -Toss the #1 preferred drilled used by Major Leagues Teams for years to develop lightening fast bat speed , homerun crushing power, and a smooth mechanically sound swing and combines it with Professional Grade Training Aid that features the patented Speed and Height Control Box which literally allows you improve your game within the first use. Not only will you become a great hitter, but the Wheeler Dealer will also allow you to become a better defensive player plus more!!

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say
Reason one: Manufactured to last a lifetime the Wheeler Dealer is  made by Athlonic Sports a company that has been around for years developing innovative sports products for amateurs and professionals abroad. The Wheeler Dealer is made of commercial grade materials so that you can get many years use of it.

Reason two: "The Wheeler Dealer is a great device to teach timing and hand-eye coordination....It gives you a timing mechanism....When the ball comes up, that's the indication to load. When the ball goes down, we hit. So now you're actually working on some type of a rhythm. You've got a timing mechanism, loading mechanism, and you can get repetitions without anyone around."
- Mike Candrea, University of Arizona

Reason three: Used by:
Florida State, UCLA, Georgia, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Arkansas, Washington,Oregon state and many other colleges & major league organizations

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

1) Hit Real baseballs, softball, plastic wiffle balls, tennis balls and dimpled balls


2) Patented Frequency control

  3)Only the Wheeler Dealer holds 23 baseballs or 13 softballs


  4) Ball in Motion 

  5) Patented speed dial


6) Adjustable height control 

7) The Best Baseball Training Aid on the Market


8)  24 volt Heavy Duty rechargable battery

9) Unique Body Design

10) Offers 5 year Warranty 2 years on the battery

Gives you the ability to train year around indoors or out and also allows you to practice a variety of drills

Only Training aid on the market that features speed and height controls which allows you to work on fast hitting drills and give the ability to work on defense drills too! Plus its great for kids they can easily adjust the controls to accommodate there level of ability.

Allows you to spend less time reloading and spend more time on hitting and defense plus you can switch to from baseball to softball without having to use any special attachments !

Will instantly improve your hand eye coordination,(ball in motion) bat speed, and mechanics, and  ability to watch the flight path of the ball

The is the only machine on the market thats allows you to adjust the toss speed from 1 per second to 1 per 6 seconds which which not only develops your offensive skills but it also allow you to do a variety of defensive drills.

Adjustable ball height throughout the strike zone plus, allow your catcher, middle infielders, and out fielders to get a work out

Develops muscle memory through repetition Guaranteed to improve your

Runs for 12 hour before it needs recharged perfect long training sessions or long road trips. Plus multi color led lets you know when the battery needs charging.

Allows the players to work on either Offense or Defense , plus make it easy to store and transport

Best warranty on the market for any training aid !

Explosive, dynamic, fun Wheeler Dealer !
The Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine is by far one of the best training aids you will ever own!  With the Patented control box you will never outgrow this training aid. There are hundreds of drills and variations you can do.
You will never get bored using your Wheeler Dealer. There will always be a drill you do no matter what level you play. It designed to give you instant feedback so you can quickly make adjustments.

Soft Toss  Machine for the Next Generation !
The Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine takes the soft toss drill to the next level.  Most training aids you either have to have to 2 people to operate which limits your training time someone else's schedule. How many times have you wanted to train and gets some extra cuts in but you had to wait on someone to throw you balls or you had to wait to get in the batting cage?  Plus the wheeler dealer is the next generation training aid with the patented frequency control system which allows you change the speed and height of your toss, this allows you to work on offense and defense,  no matter what position or sport you play baseball or softball ! With the wheeler dealer workouts that are designed by  our professional staff we guarantee your game will improve, The Wheeler Dealer Will give you  the most out your training, saving you wasted time and money!......

The Wheeler Dealer is the Ultimate Personal Trainer.
- The Wheeler is the ultimate personal trainer you will never have to wait for a partner again! It totally portable, lightweight, built to last, and  not only that,  but its unique design  allows you to set it up and take down in seconds! And it allows you switch from baseball to softball without having to lug around any special attachments or buying to different machines! It the perfect companion for the serious ball player, professional hitting coach or for team circuit training !...

Now, you're probably wondering how and why The Wheeler Dealer soft toss Machine is so different from all the other Baseball and Softball Training Aids on the Market.

Let me explain.
You can get the competitive edge with Wheeler Dealer. Your burning desire to improve is natural and is similar to all time great Pro Baseball players like Barry Bonds, Nolan Ryan, Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken, Alex Rodriquez, Derek Jeter, and Ken Griffey Jr who all trained to improve there hitting, bat speed, power,and overall mechanics to get the edge on their competition.

You can have more contact, increase bat speed, hit more homeruns, increase your batting average, turn more double plays, increase arm strength and much more with the Wheeler Dealer workouts that places the training emphasis on the proper hitting and defense mechanics which in return develops sound muscle memory so the wheeler dealer will increase your bat speed ,power,hand eye coordination,batting average,and defense ability.

You'll be the talk of the park and look like the pros when you pull out the Wheeler dealer and as you begin to use it. Plus you'll gain more confidence at the plate because you won;t have to use your at bats in the game to get comfortable with your swing,(sound familiar) Just imaging being able to get hundreds or swings or more before your game starts. You will feel even better with the results you get because this  the absolute newest model. The Wheeler Dealer shipped direct from the manufacturer that is not available in stores. This is the newest wheeler dealer on the market, plus we are the only
website offers  Free Bonuses.. We guarantee that using the Wheeler dealer you will unlock potential you never new you had !  And when used along with our professional training tips your game will go to a whole another level !

       Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what our customers say.

Slow connection? Click here to hear an audio clip
Slow connection? Click here to hear an audio clip
Do NOT buy any Baseball or Softball Training  Aid unless it meets the following 6 criteria:
There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field and what's the best training aid for you .  I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely,  positively must have in any solution you obtain:

1: Easy To Set Up ,
You can maximize your practice time
with the Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine takes less then 2 secs to set up, plus there is no extra attachments to lug around. Its a self contained unit training unit !

2: Versatility
Only the Wheeler Dealer  holds 23 baseballs or 13 softballs which allows you to spend less time reloading and speed more time on swings doing drills,  also it holds softballs, baseballs , dimpled balls tennis balls, and plastic whiffle balls. which allow you work on offense and defense drills, in a variety of environments !

3: Training aid must reinforce proper fundamentals
Soft-toss is the #1 drill used by major league's, Top college's , and top amateur  coaches to develop your fundamentals, approach , contact, control, bat speed, power,  body balance and a quick powerful swing.

4: You need a training aid that allows you to do drills at different speeds
Repetition alone is not enough, you need to be able to challenge your fast twitch muscles and reflexes to become faster, only the Wheeler Dealer has a
Patented Speed and Height control box that allows you to develop lightning fast major league bat speed and makes it compatible for every age group !

5: Quality
You know the know that old saying "you get what you paid for " How many times have you brought a training aid that you seen on Tv only to find out that after it has used a couple seasons you have buy another because it couldn't stand up to the usage?
Wel,l Wheeler Dealer features the
industry leading 5 year warranty plus it is  built with commercial grade material to make sure that it can with stand the abuse of most extreme environment . It was built for the  professional and college athlete!

6: Work on every area of your game
Because of the patented control box
whether your a catcher, middle infielder, first baseman, third baseman, outfielder or even a pitcher the wheeler is you ultimate personal trainer ! No more having to find a
Partner. You have your very own personal trainer 24 hour a 7 days a week !
This is what it all boils down too.

If you want to invest your money in a training aid that is effective and guaranteed to give you the best results, then go ahead and place your order now.  But if your are still unsure if this is the right training aid for you then take look our camparison with other training aids on the market ......

            See Why the Wheeler Dealer Is the Best
  Wheeler Dealer
Quick Hands
Jugs Soft Toss
Bat Action Baseball Solo Hitter
Offers Ball in Motion
yes yes yes yes no
Offers adjustable speed and height
yes no no no no
Holds 23 baseball and 13 softballs
yes no no no no
Lightweight and Portable
yes no yes no no
Professional grade Construction
yes yes no yes yes(pro version)
Electronic Control Box
yes no no no no
Can Practice Defense and offense drills
yes no yes no no
Takes less than 5 seconds to set up
yes no yes no no
Operates for a full 12 hours on a single charge
yes no no no no
can use real baseball softball,tennis balls,dimple balls,plastic whiffleballs
yes no yes no no
Improve bat speed and hand eye coordination within 1-2 sessions
yes no no yes yes
Allows up 23 cuts a minute
yes no no no no
offers 5 year Warranty 2 years on the battery
yes no no no no
30 day money back Skill improvement Guarantee
yes no no yes no
Take a look at some sample drills you can do with your Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine  !

         Click on the video below

In Summary, here's what you get:

Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine
24 V "Cell Power" Battery
24 V, 400 mA Battery Charger
  Digital PDF Manual 

***BUT WAIT !***Season Special

If you respond right away, you pay
only 369.99  337.00.
  $297.00(plus S/H)

PLUS ! Order Within and
receive the following Free Bonuses !!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:


Your Wheeler Dealer  Training System will be shipped via DHL in the 48 continental States. Orders should arrive within 7-14 days business days

All International Orders will shipped UPS.
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Are you ready to take your Game to the Next Level?


Shawn Nelson
     Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine 

P.S. Just in case you're still hesitating, let me help you evaluate your options.

Option #1:
You could choose to do nothing. Some people just like things the way they are. If you're completely satisfied with being just another player on the team,  then this option probably makes sense. But let's face it, you probably wouldn't have read this far if you weren't motivated to achieve greatness, be the best and take your game to the next level, now would you? Let's take a look at your other options.

Option #2:
You could invest a boat load of money into mostly worthless training Aids . This is the option that sports magazines, sports  manufacturers, and  pro baseball players are counting on you to choose. It puts huge sums of money in their pockets even though they know that 95 of what they sell is not effective.

Option #3: You can keep plugging away on your own, dreaming playing of professional or college ball but never taking the steps to make the dream come true.You can keep reading everybody's magazine and listening to every locker room "consultant" eager to give his opinion how to hit. Some may be right ! But you have to have the tools  to be able to  apply what you learn.This is the option that most players choose and end up choosing and it's the main reason why they are destined to keep getting the same old results, year after year. Some people just never l take the step they need to taking there game to the next level!

Option #4:
You can buy all the high-priced pitching machines and programs out there telling you how to get great results. Actually, this isn't all that bad an option - as long as you can determine which ones correctly address all of the 5 areas and you can spend months, or even years testing all of their methods before combining them into one comprehensive program for yourself. Also just imagine how much gas only you would save from going to the batting cages plus cage fees. Too bad nearly all of the training aids and programs out there only address a couple of the factors you need to master (at best!) to really see results, and none of them even know about the Easy 1-2-3 step Pro Training Formula That is used to develop the top baseball players in the country. It will prime your fundamentals for fast-unbelievable results! These are the same techniques use by the pro's and top college programs across the world !

Option #5
You can Purchase the Wheeler  Dealer plus get the Free Bonuses valued at $165.00 with our  Free Private Training  newsletter, where you'll learn step-by-step, everything you need to know to get it right the first time!  Let me tell you a secret Athletes aren't born they made ! and even you if you do have the natural ability to be great athlete you still have to do 2 things
in order to be successful : That is learn fundamentals and practice without those 2 your success will be shorts lived ! Now its Time for you to choose.

Which option makes the most sense to you?  I thought so!

P.P.S. Don't let this discounted offer pass you by! Most serious baseball players and softball spend 6-7 times the cost of this Wheeler Dealer on pitching machines that only give you limited results . The formula for success in baseball or any sport  is.Desire + Fundamentals + Repetition = SUCCESS If you follow these principles you will have great success in what ever you do,

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Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine is upfront
Wheeler dealer soft-toss machine
wheeler dealer control panel
Machine arrived in a timely manner, was packaged well. Works great for the purpose intended. I love it
CM  Kissimmee, FL
Don't waste your money on any other soft toss machine. It does exactly what it's supposed to do - soft toss. It's not a pitching machine. We've used it on baseballs and wiffle balls at home and at practice. My 3rd/4th grade team thinks it's the coolest thing ever; I can see their batting improve.
Coach Don, Memphis
I train 10 players every day and this machine is an excellence training tool. Very useful drills beside the soft toss.
Oilime Zerep Arecibo, P.R.
It's industrial grade...I have no worries about over-using it or wearing it out. I did my homework before buying the Wheeler Dealer Soft toss Machine over other competing products. Both of my children are using it downstairs and having a lot of fun while working on their swings. We can't wait to get it outside. It tosses all types of balls - hard, soft, plastic, foam. Super easy to use!! Instant feedback hitting into a net to indicate to the batter what kind of contact was made. [...]
Coach B, Michigan